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2023-2024 POLICIES

REGISTRATION- Contact form & waiver must be completely filled out including email address and signed by a parent or guardian. You should notify us of any changes in information promptly. September’s tuition payment must be paid in full upon registration. 

TUITION-Tuition payments are to be made payable to Impact Dance Studio. You may pay with a personal check, or cash. A $15.00 late fee will be applied to your tuition if not paid by the 10th of each month. Returned checks will be charged a $25.00 fee. Monthly tuition stays the same regardless of the number of weeks or classes there are in that month. If your child decides not to continue classes at the studio, we must be notified or you will be responsible for the tuition. Tuition is due the 1st of the month. May & June’s tuition are due by May 1st. Recital tickets cannot be purchased until all balances are paid in full.

COSTUMES - Costume payments are due November 1st. Costumes must be paid in full to be ordered. A costume will not be ordered unless payment is received. Costume Fees are non refundable. 

TICKETS - Tickets can not be purchased until all balances are paid in full. Tickets are $35 a ticket.

CANCELLED CLASSES -You will receive an email notifying you of any cancellation of classes due to bad weather conditions.


CONDUCT - Always respect your teachers & fellow dancers. Bullying will not be tolerated. 


ATTIRE - For all recreational classes, students must wear some type of athletic wear. Bodysuit, leggings, shorts, tank top are all acceptable. Sweats & T-shirts for boys, No jeans allowed. 


HAIR- Hair must be secured tightly away from face. 

SHOES - Children must have the proper shoes each week for class. Please label all dance bags & shoes. If you take hip hop or Pom, as the winter weather approaches bring a separate pair of sneakers to dance in. Sneakers worn on a rainy or snowy day will not be permitted on the dance room floors. 


OTHER -You are responsible for all items you bring into the studio. We are not responsible for any clothing, shoes or personal items left at the studio. If it is not claimed it will be donated. No gum, candy or food is allowed in the dance room. Teachers will allow time for a water break. Please bring water bottles!


2023-2024 SHOE LIST

All Hip Hop Classes - Athletic Sneakers

All Pro Dance Classes - Athletic Sneakers   

All Jazz Classes- Capezio Tan Jazz Slip-ons

All Contemporary Classes Capezio Foot Undeez Nude

All Tumbling Classes - Barefoot

Saturday 10:00 Tap/Ballet

White Ballet Shoes / White Tap Shoes 


Friday 4:00 Tap/Ballet -  (PreK4-1st)

Ballet - Capezio Pink Leather Ballet Shoes - Tan Tap Shoes 




Power Pac & Sr Jazz Company  - Capezio Pirouette Shoe -Nude Leather

Power Pac & Sr Contemporary Company - Capezio Foot Undeez

Fire Pac Jazz Company - Capezio Tan Leather slip on Jazz Shoes

Fire Pac Lyrical Company - Capezio Foot Undeez

Little Pac Jazz- Capezio Tan Leather slip on Jazz Shoes

Ballet Unitards are to be worn on Wednesdays. Click the SHOP Icon below to order what you need. 

Color: Black for All


For all your DANCE needs go to:

IHeart Dancewear

4275 Arthur Kill Road


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